Programmes of Study

Graduates from Interreligious Studies have a deep knowledge and understanding of different religious traditions. They are able to change perspectives between different religious traditions.

Bachelor’s in Interreligious Studies

Students are introduced to the various cultural and social science methods of research and they develop knowledge of the most important religions and understandings of religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Asian Religions). Thanks to great freedom of choice, students can choose their own focus. In addition, students can choose a language they will learn and apply in the appropriate context.

Bachelor’s Studies Programme in Interreligious Studies

Master’s in Interreligious Studies

Students broaden and deepen their methodological knowledge and deal with interreligious contacts, communication and conflicts. In addition, students complete a supervised internship at an institution outside the university, during which they make and reflect on their first contacts with the world of work.

Programme of Study: Master’s in Interreligious Studies